Trembling with fear, they kneel before it
That thought of infinite names and forms
They surrender to it, their body, their soul
Afraid of what it means to have control
Willfully chained to the powers that be
Their eyes shut tight so they’ll never see
Their freedom in actions that aren’t their own
Dictated by fate and the will of their God
This life sacrificed for what awaits beyond
The infernal Hell and the promised heaven
Each breath heavy with the burden of judgement
From the masses around them and the one above
But when to seek volition means perdition
Some souls still rise to deny their God
They wrest control from that timeless idea
Embrace each act as solely their own
They begin to question all that we know
And all starts to crumble to be created anew
What’s religion but delusions under so many names?
Setting laws and codes, shackling each man’s soul
Vesting in few alone the right to their God
The rest left to flounder, kneel and pray
Unaware there’s no one to hear what they say
These Gods of theirs, merciful and kind
Stand silent as they slaughter their kind
Their flesh burnt in prayers for salvation
Pleasures denied to escape damnation
Every turn they take is rife with sin
Every thought of theirs is filthy, unclean
But it’s in these shackles that they find peace
In servitude to their all-seeing being
It’s a system from which there’s no escape
But there are some with something different to say
Their God is a being without any form
Cosmic, omniscient, ethereal and transcendent
An entity all-powerful and so providential
Following each twist and turn of our mortal coil
But no amount of pretty words can ever disguise
That they too are comforted by something greater than self
A God such as this would be the same as the others
The greatest underachiever the universe has seen
So lost in the travails of the human crowd
The potential of omnipotence squandered away
And what of those propounding that cosmic balance?
Every action and reaction, measured and weighed
Finding solace in karma, the promised retribution
The very universe obliged to pay you back
Fate pervades all of these and more
The world and our lives, set in stone
All we can do is what we are destined to
Our existence naught more than puppetry
Deny! Deny! Exalt yourself!
Every man from birth knows what he desires
And strives to keep only that from himself
They turn to Gods and ideals to hold aloft
While willingly prostrating on the ground
Blind to the magnificence of our being
We are creation’s pride, epitome of sentience
We shape the very earth, bend it to our will
Why deny ours? We are servants of none
We are the kings and queens of promise
And ours is the glorious regime
Our thoughts, our actions come solely from within
The only judgement we need fear is our own
Neither fate nor God shall dictate our lives
Our Hell and heaven met in this very life
Every dream and desire followed to the last breath
This life lived to the fullest with no care for another
We are architects without peers, artists sublime
Our dreams touch the clouds, touch the moon, touch the stars
With words we weave tapestries divine
With thoughts we bare the universe down
There’s no shame in joy rightfully earned
And failure to oneself is the only sin
Will there ever be anything greater than man?
It’s our mind that defines the edge of space
Seven billion Gods, we are truly infinite
Of all reality, man is the fountainhead
So speak of God no more, God is dead.